A Guide To Buying A Gaming Mouse

Gaming is rapidly gaining popularity among many people irrespective of their ages. The mouse is the most important part of the game since it controls the game. For one to enjoy the gaming experience without hurting their fingers, they should have a good mouse.

The process of selecting a gaming mouse from the many that are available in the market can be such a hectic one especially if one does not have proper information on what the market has to offer and why they should go for that particular mouse. This guide will highlight the features that a gaming mouse should have. With this gaming mouse buying guide, it will be very easy for you to select the best that suits your gaming needs.4t56ytrge

The grip of the mouse

Different people hold their mouse differently hence the need to determine the grip of the gaming mouse which determines the comfort of using the mouse. One should choose a mouse that will be comfortable to hold as it is the major part that is used in gaming. Some gaming mouses are held by the fingertips only while others are held with your whole hand. The mouse which has an ergonomic design is best among those that are held with fingertips since it ensures one’s fingers do not slip when you are using the mouse.

Counts per inch or dots per inch

This determines the accuracy of the mouse and how fast it goes. The accuracy increases with an increase in the number of dots per inch. The most accurate mouse should have higher than five thousand seven hundred dots per inch. Some of the computer mouses have hyper response buttons which enhance very fast communication to the computer from the mouse.


Some people prefer heavy ones while others prefer light ones. The mouses available in the market have been made in such a way that one can adjust the weight according to how they prefer it to be.

Corded or cordless

ertyugyutrhGamers in the past did not like the wireless mouse. This is because it often ran out of battery within a short time and had a lower response time. Thanks to the advancements in technology which have managed to fix this issue. The battery for the wireless mouse now lasts longer and has a higher response time. Some have been designed in such a way that they work in either wired or wireless mode. This has gone a long way to cater for the preferences of both people due to their flexibility.

Programmable keys

These keys are meant for direct interaction with the game and performing a particular function. Having a mouse with such keys will improve greatly your gaming experience

Customized LED lights

Some of them have this feature. They come with LED lights that the user can adjust according to their desire. All these are meant to make your gaming experience enjoyable.

There are several known brands that offer the best mouses for the purposes of improving the gaming experience. It is also better if one compares the prices from several stores so that they get better deals on the mice they want to buy.